First Course

from 22 to 24€

Raviole of duck confit Foyot sabayon - 22€
Crispy Langoustine Thai sauce and seasoning, pak choi, cucumber, coriander coulis - 25€
Open Celery Raviole with King Crab green curry, granny apple - 29€
Pigeon pie with foie gras celery mousseline, mushroom duxelles - 24€ / 32€
Our selection of Petrossian Caviar as an appetizer Our caviars from Maison Petrossian served "à la Russe", shot de vodka Tito, blinis maison & condiments
Osciètre Impérial 30gr
Osciètre Royal 30g
Daurenki Royal 30g - 95 à 123€
First Course

Main Course

from 39 to 49€

Roasted St Pierre fish chlorophyll, lettuce, chives, anchovies, sucrine tempura, mint - 32€
Shelled lobster carrot mousseline with hazelnut butter, olive oil with tarragon - 49€
Roasted Line Bar saffron sauce, crumbled crab - 39€
Candied Pork Belly 36hrs 38.00 declension of cabbage declension of cabbage - 38€
Rabbit ballotine with Ghent mustard declination of porcini mushrooms, Jerusalem artichokes - 39€
Boeuf Wagyu croquette d’édamame, jus de boeuf teriyaki - 52€
Main Course


from 12 to 14€

Selection of matured cheeses homemade toasted foccacia, sirop de Liège, baby leaves & dried fruits - 14€
Brugmann’s Dame Blanche crispy dulcey, Madagascar vanilla & Gianduja - 12€
Coffee puck coffee ganache, almond/coffee praliné, Breton shortbread, coffee/vanilla ice cream -12€
Trompe l'oeil lemon yuzu mousse, mint, almond cookie, lemon confit, white chocolate - 12€
Finger caramel / vanilla caramel mousse, creamy caramel, chocolate financial, vanilla ice cream - 14€